YBA (Youth Be Active)

YBA MOVEment Social Media Photo Contest. Steps, Prizes and Rules

How it will work?

  1. Students at the selected university who want to enter the monthly photo contest should follow Dream Sports Africa’s Facebook and Instagram pages and send an email to abu@dreamsportsafrica.org with the subject “YBA MOVEment photo entry”. Only CURRENT students at selected Universities are eligible to enter the YBA MOVEment photo contest.
  2. In the email please provide a one paragraph (not longer) describing your Why, What and Where. Why you play sports and exercise, what sports you play and where you play.
  1. Dream Sports Africa will select the top 20 photos we receive every month and post them to our Facebook and Instagram pages for anyone to vote for their favorite photo by liking the photo on Facebook and/or Instagram. People who like photos need be also follow DSA on Facebook and Instagram for their votes to be counted..
  2. The photo that gets the most total votes (across all social media platforms) will win the YBA Movement prize of the month
  3. It’s a game of numbers! Get everyone you know to follow DSA on Facebook and Instagram so they can like your photos, support you and keep up with the campaign. If you have any questions about


Prizes and Rules

  1. The individual responsible for the submission of the entry will win a cash prize (subject to verification of identity by a DSA staff in Abuja) of $200 (two hundred dollars). Half of that prize must be used for an activity that promotes physical exercise in their community which DSA will feature on our website. The winner will also do an in-person interview with DSA about the experience and what they have learnt.
  1. The photo that receives the most votes will be featured on our website and social media pages for a after the launch of the YBA MOVEment
  1. Any discrepancies in identity of the winner, eligibility to participate and ownership of the photo will result in immediate disqualification. If found out after the prize money is paid a refund will be required and the individual (s) may be banned from any future inter action with DSA and YBA MOVEment,


Disclaimer: Dream Sports Africa is not liable for any injury, accidents or claims that may arise in relation to taking photos and transmitting them to us. Exercise safety and caution when playing sports and being active ALL the time.


Nigeria’s Physical Activity Scorecard shows that less than 40% of Nigerian adolescents meet international World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines which require youth to engage in at least 40 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Benefits of exercise promote healthy living and prevention of noncommunicable diseases among Nigerian children and youth. Most Nigerian children and youth are physically inactive and this increases risk of noncommunicable diseases and if not addressed early, cardio-metabolic problems during adulthood. Participation in sport not only promotes physical activity but is also an effective convening platform for education, awareness raising and character development in youth according to USAID.