Our Dream


Dream Sports Africa was founded in 2015 by Chenfa Dombin, a Nigerian who moved to the US in 2008 to get a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Michigan with a focus on developing skills to impact youth empowerment through sports in Nigeria. The University of Michigan awarded him a full merit based scholarship into their MBA program. After completing his studies in 2010 Chenfa worked at a Washington DC based international nonprofit for five years where as the Director of Youth Empowerment he designed and managed three innovative programs in collaboration with the National Basketball Association, Exxon Mobil, Shell and the UPS foundation that raised $3 million over three years for youth empowerment through basketball, athletics and peer mentoring programs in Nigeria. These programs have reached 15 Nigeria secondary schools and over 5,000 youth in the FCT directly and indirectly. They have also employed about 50 Nigerians as program staff and coaches. Chenfa designed and managed Power Forward, the National Basketball Association’s pioneer grassroots youth development program in Nigeria from 2013 to 2016.


According to the United Nations the size of the youth population has peaked in all regions but Africa which already accounts for 20% of the worlds youth population and is projected to double over the next 30 years. African countries with rapidly growing youth populations are struggling to educate young people who do not have very bright futures with very high youth unemployment rates. Formal and informal youth education and employment are essential to actualizing opportunities for economic growth in Africa and fulfilling the dreams of the next generation. Sport has been recognized globally over time by several of the leading development agencies including USAID, to have transformational power in the lives of young people providing a platform to access physical fitness, education, economic development, peacebuilding and social change.


Dream Sports Africa was founded by Diaspora Africans and Americans with a passion to give back the gift of actualization to young people whose shoes they were in not too long ago. Our initial programming focuses on Nigeria which accounts for about 20% of the African youth population and the West Africa region.


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CEO & Founder Chenfa Dombin with NBA legend Hakeem “the Dream” Olajuwon At the launch of the Exxon Mobil and NBA supported Power Forward program in November 2013. Chenfa designed and managed the program for three years and it is still ongoing.


Our vision: is a bold dream where young Africans are empowered with life skills to reach their full potential.


Our mission: is to transform African youth through programs that leverage the convening power of sports to develop character and physical fitness.


Dream Sports Africa utilizes a proven 6-stage grassroots sports development model to guide young Africans through value adding and empowering programs. This process changes their lives forever, bringing about short and long term impact on African youth and sustainability in their communities.



Dream Sports Africa utilizes all sport activities in its programs with specialization in the following: