YBA (Youth Be Active) MOVEment



YBA MOVEment is a University fitness (physical and mental) promotion campaign that uses events and social media photo contests to engage youth across all of Nigeria. We will launch the YBA MOVEment in Abuja during April 2019 and extend to at least 5 other universities the rest of the year. The campaign will feature lots of fun and educational context about physical fitness which will be beneficial to anyone at any age trying to improve their physical and mental health.  Anyone can join the YBA MOVEment by:

    1. Following our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Website and E-newsletters (direct them through links). Share your email address with us on our website to stay informed!
    2. Join the YBA MOVEment team at the Universities we work with (you don’t have to be a student to join). We encourage you to join a YBA MOVEment near you!


Dream Sports Africa is based on a simple but bold idea. Participation in physical activity is vital to the overall wellbeing of Africa’s youth and as a result, the development of the continent.  Global Development Agencies like the World Health Organization and USAID explain the benefits of physical activity and sports as a development tool. Dream Sports Africa empowers African youth through engaging and educational sports programs that build life skills, character and physical fitness. We are a US and Africa based nonprofit that raises funds and implements youth development through sports programs in Africa. Go here (homepage) to learn more about us.


Nigeria’s Physical Activity Scorecard shows that less than 40% of Nigerian adolescents meet international World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines which require youth to engage in at least 40 to 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Benefits of exercise promote healthy living and prevention of noncommunicable diseases among Nigerian children and youth. Most Nigerian children and youth are physically inactive and this increases risk of noncommunicable diseases and if not addressed early, cardio-metabolic problems during adulthood. Participation in sport not only promotes physical activity but is also an effective convening platform for education, awareness raising and character development in youth according to USAID.